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Key Words: Herbal Tea, Herbal formula, including capsule, tablet, granule.

Cordyceps Extract Powder(特色虫草提取物:原色原味原香,溶水清澈透明)


HerbMed Group, founded in 1987, member of SinoHerb Group, is one of the Top Five Medicine & Health Companies in the 1990s of China. We have 4 factories with GMP Certificated, our main factory PHARON Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, majores in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in NorthEast CHina; one factory majors in Chemical medicine in Beijing, HerbMed, HerbPharm & HerbEnzy BioTech Co., Ltd. Major in biology in Shenyang.
Formula Herbal products: Our most famous & effective herbal products are The Top Three Tea (granule), they are UROstoneK™ Tea for Urinary Route Stone, outGout™ Tea for gout, UTIcilline™ Tea for UTI (urinary tract infection)

The new developed herbal products is "VERY GRASS", it is the trade mark of the buccal tablet, capsule, tea or granule of Cordyceps.

Formula Herbal productsOur most famous products are “Happy Life Partner” for Sweet Heart, which indicate two products: one is ProsTin Capsule (It is used to treat menopause of male, symptoms as hypertrophy, partial androgen deficiency of the aging male, Erectile Dysfunction, and cancer of prostate etc); the other is LoVary Capsule (It is used for menopause of female, symptoms as fever heat, palpitate with fear, fidget, insomnia, edema of skin, osteoporosis, dryness of vagina, sexless etc).

Cordyceps Extract Powder: We have developed Cordyceps Extract Powder just now. The features of it are: The very exact original taste, color & the very strong natural smell of the herb Itself, all soluble in water. 


Accept OEM Order: We can produce Instant Herb Tea, Herbal formula products of capsule, tablet, Instant Tablet or other preparations as clients need.

We are developing world market, welcome to contact us.

Best regard


Mr. Fred Lin

Assistant Director of

Export Department of HerbMed Group
Add: No.35, Qingnian Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang, China 110003

Tel: 86-15-9988-18728; 

Email/MSN: HerbMed@163.com, Skype: Asia_Ginseng, QQ: 498876404

Website: http://www.HerbMed.diytrade.com/; http://www.Asia_Ginseng.diytrade.com/


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